Thursday, November 7, 2013

Collaborative Cityscape Collage by 2nd Grade- Auction Project

I had each kid make a building for the auction project. I arranged them to build a cityscape inside frames I found at the thrift store. I spray painted the frames black to unify them.

Pop Art Vases - 3rd Grade Auction Project

I just so happened to find 5 vases exactly alike from the thrift store!

I had the kids create 2 different pop art words using onomatopoeia. They draw out a word with block letters on newspaper with sharpies. We discussed the connection to Roy Lichtenstein working from comic strips and newspapers and how we were creating pop art on newspapers.

I have a Ziploc bag for each class. One class splits up and travels with other classes during specials which makes auction projects very complicated. So to keep everything straight I label EVERYTHING!

I used gloss-luster Mod Podge to adhere their pieces to the vase.


Faces on Plates - 1st Grade Auction Project

 Pre-heat oven to 425, put plates in for 30 min, turn oven off and leave plates in there to cool. This system worked great!
I needed something "easy" this I saw this idea on Pinterest and I hope that the baking process goes well! Apparently, all you do is draw on a plate with a sharpie and bake it the oven to set the ink. Fingers crossed!

I had the kids draw a realistic self-portrait and write their name underneath.

Pretty cool!

Kindergarten Flower Pots - Auction Project


This year for Kindergarten's auction project I decided to use the usual Old Time Pottery Terra Cotta flower pots...but to change things up, I painted them with black chalkboard paint that I made myself.
All you do is mix non-sanded grout with any color of paint and voila...chalkboard paint!

So I started by printing everyone's thumbprint in white acrylic paint. I wrote their names with a silver paint pen.

Not sure what to do with their thumbprints this year, I just went with dandelions and I love them!

I used a white paint pen to draw the dandelions and they are looking super fun.

Monochromatic Moonscapes - 4th Grade

Day One: Painting the background showing a gradual value change.

Day Two: Adding Silhouettes
They add one tree and one object of their choice. If they have extra time after this, they can add more items...the Klimt style trees this year look really good!


Color Mixing with 3rd Grade

This started as a filler project to keep kids busy if they were already finished with their pop art painting...but now it's turned into a pretty good little refresher course on color theory.