Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go Green to Keep Nashville Clean!

Once again, we are doing the Go Green to Keep Nashville Clean contest! We have two fabulous winners from Mt.View and I'm really happy with everyone's effort. The wall of posters looks great in our hallway and it's always encouraging to spread the word about Going Green to the future of America....:o)

4th Grade Winner

3rd Grade Winner

Wall of Go Green Posters!

2nd Grade "Bad Case of Stripes" Self Portrait!

Thanks Mrs.Jahnig! I completely stole this fabulous lesson from Crystal's blog and it a winner! We utilized the website: which has famous people reading stories for FREE. It's so awesome, and now I use it all the time.

This lesson was derived from the story "A Bad Case of Stripes" and really jazzes up self-portraits for 2nd graders. Anyway, here's some of the finished products. This is a real crowd pleaser....

1st Grade Architects Create Houses for Insects!

I formulated this lesson after seeing Mrs. Sturgill teach something like it at the Frist one summer. We read the story "Roberto the Insect Architect" to inspire us to "Be Creative!"

The students created blueprints and designed a house or building for a bug! After they painted their drawings blue, they sculpted their 'bug' out of model magic. Once those dry, we'll add bright colors.

Here's that worksheet about Architectural Details...I found it in a green book called Art Starters? (I think.)