Monday, March 18, 2013

Kindergarten Textures/Eric Carle Inspired Animals

Eric Carle Inspired: Hot Dogs and Cool Cats
Tissue Paper Collage...Warm and Cool Colors
I got this idea from my cooperating teacher (when I did student teaching)...
We drew a dog head on one side of our paper and a cat head on the back. They chose their favorite image and outlined in black sharpie.

We titled the drawings either "hot dog" or "cool cat" ....

Then we grabbed a handful of either cool color tissue paper squares or warm colors...I had precut two gallon bags of these....I might do a "warm table" and a "cool table" in the future to prevent confusion.

I had little cups of watered down Mod-Podge on their tables with brushes...
Texture Collections
We folded our 9"x12" paper 3 times to get 8 blocks. We started "capturing" textures one at a time, I would demo how to do a texture rubbing in one block, they would echo at their table and come back for the next step.

After they captured 4 correctly, I just let them do the rest on their own. The objectives were to capture 8 different textures, with 8 different white space!

I dumped a handful of texture plates on each table...they could trade with other tables...

After we filled the page, we painted over our textures with Tempera Cakes....I'll have to post those pics later.