Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 Student Art Show

Our Student Art Show theme this year was Art From Around the World! Unfortunately, we didn't get to have our artist's reception because we got snowed out...twice! So I essentially gave up on a night event and decided to let parents come see it at their convenience throughout the month of March. 

4th Grade Asian Unit: Sushi Collage and Chinese Vases

3rd Grade: Peacock Paintings from India

3rd Grade: Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting on Collograph Fish Prints

2nd Grade Parisian Landscapes

1st Grade Space Shuttles...your ride to tour the world. (haha)

1st Grade Zebras from Africa

2nd Grade Totem Poles from the Pacific Northwest

Pre-K teachers made an art project with their kids to support our art show. 
Pre-K Lions from Africa

South America Mola Quilt Squares

Kindergarten Salmon in Alaska

Penguins in Antarctica
K-4th Grade