Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spirit Week @ DuPont....

This week has been 'Spirit Week'...we also had the Auction this needless to say, thank goodness Friday arrived...and it also happened to be 60's Day!
Mrs.Hardin, Mrs.Dean and me

Look at all the hippies...Mrs.Baker, Mr. and Mrs.Wilson, Mrs.Turner, Mrs.Scobey, Mrs.Walker and Ella!

Kindergarten Owls

I needed a filler project for my Friday class that I had already seen once this week and in a mad rush 20 minutes prior to them walking in the door I settled on these owls...and I'm so glad because they look so great!

3rd Grade African Masks

3rd grade is about to begin their first clay project of the year, which is a clay mask. Last year we did African Masks, and they were great so we're continuing on the legacy.

I had them sketch a LARGE design for the clay mask this year....Day One ~ Discuss 'transformation' and African culture...why do we wear masks?...celebrations, etc.....then they get to draw their design.

We drew the designs in pencil, then oulined with black marker. I provided the oval shape on copied paper.
Also, note the awesome idea book entries.

This lovely artist added a surrealistic design with an "eye mouth" ...we just studied Salvador Dali.

I was so impressed with their desisns and color choices!

Ella's mask design!

Annual School Auction~Art Projects

Well, it's finally over! For the past few months, we've been preparing art projects to be sold at the school auction. This year it seemed like it creeped up on me and I tried to keep it under control, but 27 group projects can be overwhelming! Anyways, it always turns out just fine and this year the art was great!

2nd Grade Collage Hands

Framed by my wonderful husband, Daniel

Kindergarten Thumbprint Critter Flower Pots

3rd Grade Pattern Mirrors and you can see the 1st Grade Leaf Prints behind them that I forgot to get a picture of!
 Sorry 1st Grade!

4th Grade Abstract Pumpkins

Painted this old window the morning of the auction....turned out okay for a last minute project!