Thursday, November 7, 2013

Henna Hands - 2nd Grade

Henna Hands with Warm and Cool Colors
First we discuss Henna Tattoos and the origin of "Mehndi". Next we trace our hands and outline in black permanent marker or black crayon.

(Here's an idea book page where we wrote about Henna Tattoos and created a sketch.)
Day Two: Painting with Warm or Cool Colors
We wrote in our Idea Books and discussed warm and cool colors schemes.
I have trays of warm and cool watercolors separated and that comes in handy so many times throughout the year. It really helps with minimizing confusion.

Once the kids finished painting, (which doesn't take very long) I let them draw on our big Warm and Cool color posters just to reinforce what we learned.


Day 3: Cutting out Henna Hands and creating an interesting background.
They chose an opposite color background...warm hand, cool background.
Then we painted designs with black paint.


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