Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peacocks, peafowl, penhens and more (last year)

2nd grade made these beautiful peacock paintings at the end of last year and I never had a chance to blog about it.
So here they are!

Special thanks to Patty from for this idea:

I figured out the best sequence for my 2nd graders is:
Day one: draw the peacock, draw lines for feathers (no circles yet) and paint the body with metallic tempera.

I gave each table 3 cups of paint: blue, teal and green

Oil pastel designs on the feathers before gluing the circles down really looks good...

Day two: Draw concentric circles or "eyes of the gods" could talk about India and significance of the peacock....and paint those concentric circles on a separate piece of white paper. While those are drying, paint the feathers with same blues, greens and teals from concentric circles.

Then cut out 'eyes' and glue around feathers!

Super easy and beautiful!

Kindergarten and Kandinsky

Lines galore!...and yes, I'm crazy, I have kindergarten painting already...they are suprisingly occupied and happy. :)

First we talk about line....and they echo my lines but they choose the color...

We used oil pastels so we could make 'the magic of oil pastel resist'...

Day Two: Watercolor procedures and demo

And they're off to paint....the art challenge is to leave no white space.

Some of these look very landscapy which is neat...

But our main focus is line and color influenced by Wassily Kandinsky.

"Watercolor (No.13) in 1913" Wassily Kandinsky
(Borrowed image from this website)