Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kindergarten Painting Shapes

Using oil pastels again, the kinders made a variety of shapes on day one. We read the story "When a Line Bends, A Shape Begins"...cute story! Anyway, the next day we filled each shape with a different pattern. This was a great opportunity to review different kinds of lines: vertical, horizontal, zig-zag...etc. I also stole an idea from a blogger art teacher about using your arms to teach vertical, horizontal and diagonal...the kids loved it! We were "yoga birds" practicing our different kinds of lines.

Soooo, the next day we painted inside our shapes with contrasting colors using tempera cakes. The oil-pastel resist was the 'magic trick' of the day! Here's some paintings in progress...I'll have to take some more pictures tomorrow of the finished product.

we talked about 'blotting' the big puddles

keeping the colors 'clean'

the next step is painting the background!

Classroom Organization

Just thought I'd share some of my classroom tools...maybe I could be doing things an easier way? Oh well...
View of the room from the door
Each table is a famous artist; Table 1 -Vincent van Gogh, Table 2- Claude Monet, etc...
Here's my "Idea Book Boxes"...each class has a plastic box with their Idea Book and name tag (for their table - also helpful for subs) I haven't attempted Idea Books for kindergarten yet...
For smaller 2-D work, I've been using this clear plastic bin with posterboard dividers with the teacher's name...way easier for me to sift through than those pull out drawers!

I'll post more later!