Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Week Back!

Well, I'm exhausted from having to stay awake and on my feet all day...not to mention the exhaustion from being "SUPER DUPER ANIMATED" to keep kids engaged. Teaching is hard work, ya'll.

Anyways, during the first week of art classes I have been going over my new rules which are aligned to our schoolwide behavior plan of the three B's (as I like to call them)...Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. So I was a good little worker bee and incorporated these into my art room rules. Also, we have to discuss ART STAR and the dreaded Strike Board.

Finally, after I'm done blabbing to the class about all my expectations...then we get up and move around for a minute on an Art Room Tour. This year I decided to make it more fun than a "train"...and I let the kids come up with 3 creative ideas for imaginary modes of transporation.

My favorite rides that the kids have come up with are a flying pencil and flying tator tot. Of course, each ride has it's own sound we had some fun 'touring' the room.

 Here's some art room 'stops' on the tour...
Demo Table...Rules and Procedures

NEW GLUE! Hooray!

Famous Artist Board....each table corresponds to a famous artist's work.
For example: Table 1=Henri Rousseau and so on and so forth. I change this at the beginning of every year so that throughout a student's 5 year art career here at my school, they should know 45 artists by heart.
( 9 artists per year for 5 years...woo that's a lot of art history that they don't even know is happening!)

Straight up stole this exact poster idea from pinterest it for those 'fast workers' who always think they're DONE. I hate those words. 'I'm done!" UGGGH. You'll never be done! Anyways, this is handy.

Finally, my classes get to make something!
The 1st - 4th graders create stand up name tags using markers and fun lettering.

What do I do with Kindergarten on that first day???
Keep them safe and doing something!

And my Kinders do a drawing after we read the story "Art" by Patrick McDonnell.

They start with pencil and then I bring around trays of crayons for them to color. I try to get them to color ALL the white space...which is like pulling teeth for some kids.


I read "Beautiful Oops" on the second day of art class just to remind the kids there's no such thing as a mistake in art...simply opportunities.