Sunday, September 11, 2011

2nd Grade Self-Portrait: "A Bad Case of Stripes"

1st Nine Weeks Self Portrait Project for 2nd Grade:

We read the online story "A Bad Case of Stripes" from, which is an amazing resource! They drew a realistic self-portrait through teacher-directed drawing and then outlined their pencil lines with black off-brand Sharpie! Yes, the dollar tree sells permanent black markers 4 for $1...and so far they are working well....but they strongly smell like bananas. Anyway, next step is to create a pattern inside the face with pencil, then fill in all the white space with different colors using markers/crayons.

Here are the different stages of the project:

Outlining Pencil Drawing

Pattern in pencil

I just love Mr.Wilson's 2nd Grade Class so they got to do something special to their faces because they're just so wonderful! We cut out our heads and glued them a piece of tye-dyed construction paper. Some chose colors that related to their pattern in their self-portrait, and others wanted to show a strong contrast in color and design. They made me so proud.