Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Van Gogh Inspired Sky with Collage Cityscape

2nd Grade

Our buildings are made from paint paper!

Abstract Turkeys! ( a little belated)

Here's a liquid watercolor project we did the week of Thanksgiving....1st grade Abstract Turkeys!

Step One: Trace a butter lid for belly...or hand draw using oil pastels.

Step Two: Add feathers, feet and head. Don't forget the 'wattle'.  

Step Three: Decorate feathers with patterns.

 I like how chicken-y this turkey came out.

Step Four: Paint all the white space using liquid watercolors.

Symmetrical Aliens

Our book fair is this week and the theme is
"Reading is Out of this World!" 
so my Kindergarteners are creating symmertrical aliens.

We only had one day to do these, so I think after the book fair we'll take them down and add some more symmetrical designs to these alien creatures.