Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Teacher Day! Watkins Workshop

Always the highlight of my week....getting to go to art teacher workshops! This one was at Watkins College of Art and Design and it was so great. Such a fun day...filled with great ideas that I can't wait to use in the art room.

The first session was about journaling...and we created our own 'journal/sketchbook' from an encyclopedia. This is more of an upper level project, however, I can down size this and simplify it for my kiddos and I think we can definitely make some books this year.

Here's the beginning of the journal making project...deconstructing the encyclopedia

Creating a new sewing signature along the spine....

And for the second half of the day, we did a session on Site Specific Installation. We split into groups and created either an installation dealing with the formal elements and principles of design or we could fill a void.....
Our group chose rhythm and movement...repetition...we had a limited amount of time and would have loved to go all the way to the center with this....but we were super happy with our collaboration!
And this has inspired a definite future obsession with post its for art projects!

Celebrating our joyous piece....

Matisse Rooms with Fishbowls - Kindergarten

I love this project and forgot to do it last year! We started this when we got back from xmas break and it's a 3 day project that is really fun!
Day One: Drawing a Room
 Discuss interior vs. exterior spaces. Talk about artist Henri Matisse. What is a room? I teach them how to draw a simple room with "lines". The wooden floor is optional (that's my art challenge step) and this year I added texture rubbings for a little extra detail in the wallpaper and floor.
We also painted over our pencil lines with black paint on day one. We also learn how to say hello and goodbye in honor of Matisse.

Day Two: Creating the fishbowl.
I realize that Matisse's fishbowl was cylindrical, but this fishbowl is fun and easy for Kinders and also gets them a "large" fishbowl.
We trace a butter lid on an 8"x8" square of white paper...then we outline in black sharpie (draw seaweed) and then paint with cool color watercolors.
I also read the story "Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet"...which was really cute!

Day Three: Assembling the Room (making goldfish)

First, I handed back their rooms so they could finish coloring with crayons...didn't get the texture rubbings out this day....

Then, we gathered at the demo table and I showed them how to cut out their fishbowl, build a table and make fish. (I split these steps up throughout the class though...didn't try to do it all at once.)

I just love the "BOLDNESS" of these paintings! (thanks Matisse)
I also like the wallpaper that got painted solid black...I may have to use that idea for next year. :)

Navajo Rug Collage (2nd Grade)

I searched far and wide for a lesson plan online of a Navajo inspired collage....couldn't find anything. I didn't want to close out the weavings without really discussing where weaving essentially comes from. So I showed several images of Navajo weavings and we talked about symmetry, geometric shapes, patterns and contrast.
I love what the kids came up with for their "symmetrically balanced Navajo rug collages".

Weaving Unit

We began this during our 2nd 9 weeks for the Weaving requirement in the curriculum. I haven't really tried the fabric strips with 2nd grade yet...I've always started them on yarn...which helps me out 2 years later when they create an  embroidered monogram...this experience with threading needles and tying knots is so valuable!

Anyway, they created these on cardboard looms using yarn and plastic needles. We took about 4-5 class periods to complete these. I found a large loom in the art closet and decided it would be awesome to have a collaborative weaving they could work on for our art show. Can't wait till the big one gets finished!

1st Grade Rocket Ships (mixed media collage)

I have done this project for 3 years now and I really like it...I also, somehow, always line this up with the Solar System unit the classroom teachers are working on. (what luck!)

Day One: Draw the rocket in pencil and outline with black oil pastel. I use the "ladibug" document camera for the step by step instruction.

Day Two: Paint the rocket with tempera paint. Discuss 'complementary color schemes'....we used blue and orange, although  some other colors snuck in. (which turned out beautifully)

Day Three: Cut out the rocket. Paint explosion on background paper. Glue rocket to paper. Voila! Awesome rocket ships!

Brain Pop has a "Space Shuttle" video and one about Sally Ride...but after watching them with one class, they are a little bit over a 1st grader's head. However, they're there....always a good resource.


 Shout out....Thank you DeepSpaceSparkle for the's the link:




3rd Grade Clay Masks

We began this project before Christmas, but with some explosions and a 2 week break, the completion of these masks has been delayed a long time! Anyway, here they are, finally getting painted.

We discussed African masks...celebrations...identity....transformation....

I also squeezed a day of color theory into this project. It's the project that never ends! So at the end of these photos are some pics from the "Dali-inspired Long-legged Birds..."
Roy G. Biv.... that kinda thing. I actually prefer these to a color fun!