Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weaving on a CD Loom with 3rd Grade

So far, I'm loving this idea from pinterest! It's taken awhile to get everything ready and explained, but I think everyone is getting the hang of it and the cds are looking awesome!

2nd Grade Yarn Weavings

Here is the beginning of our weaving on a loom project. So far, so good!

Here's our star weaver! He did all this in one class...

Ella weaving with a cast!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Van Gogh Inspired Sky with Collage Cityscape

2nd Grade

Our buildings are made from paint paper!

Abstract Turkeys! ( a little belated)

Here's a liquid watercolor project we did the week of Thanksgiving....1st grade Abstract Turkeys!

Step One: Trace a butter lid for belly...or hand draw using oil pastels.

Step Two: Add feathers, feet and head. Don't forget the 'wattle'.  

Step Three: Decorate feathers with patterns.

 I like how chicken-y this turkey came out.

Step Four: Paint all the white space using liquid watercolors.

Symmetrical Aliens

Our book fair is this week and the theme is
"Reading is Out of this World!" 
so my Kindergarteners are creating symmertrical aliens.

We only had one day to do these, so I think after the book fair we'll take them down and add some more symmetrical designs to these alien creatures.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4th Grade Fall Still-Life

With the Auction upon us, I've been cranking out auction projects like crazy with all my classes and I've been incorporating them into the curriculum, as best I can!  So, the 4th graders are learning about observational drawing from a still-life. It might be a few 9 weeks early, but they're getting smarter, so does it really matter? Anyway, we did "reverse batik" on a fabric square. I wanted them to create a design based on objects found in nature...hence the still-life drawings.

I had to take advantage of the amazing gourds that I bought and let the 4th graders create a fall still-life painting. And they needed the watercolor experience.

 We looked at a Henri Matisse painting for a bold background pattern....and I really like how these are turning out! They outlined with oil pastels first, then painted with watercolors.


Here's the reverse batik process....

Buy Clorox Bleach Pens...not the Dollar Tree version of a bleach

Here they are 'bleaching'....I'd say no more then 30 minutes!

Just rinse well and you have amzing reverse batik! Aren't these GORGEOUS?
I'm sewing all these into a pillow...I'll post pictures later of all the auction projects. 

When buying fabric for this, make sure it says "Do not bleach" on the bundle thingy...can't think of the word to save my life right...not a spool....not even sure how to google this one...

Kindergarten Color Shapes Swimming in a Sea of Shades...

Kinder Shapes Swimming in Shades

First we started with the 3 primary colors...

One of my favorite books to read...
Then we mixed those together to create the 3 secondary colors...

After those were dry, we learned our complementary colors and swirled them over their 'best friend' complements.

Finally, we made shades for the first time and let our shapes swim in a sea of navy blue or a forest of dark greens.