Saturday, May 16, 2015

2nd Grade Still-Life Studies

So I had considered using some of these artwork samples in my Gladis collection this year, but of course, I changed my mind after I had taken tons of pics. We wrote about still-life drawing in our idea books and did some before and after vase me what you me what you learned kinda thing.  I also put 3 objects on each table and had the kids draw from a still-life. 

Long-legged Dali Birds with 3rd Grade

Read "Dali and the Path of Dreams"....Discuss color theory...trace circles to make bird bodies...add bird-like features...outline with color sharpies in ROY G BIV....mix primary colors together to create all the colors of the rainbow. This project happened right around TCAP time for my 3rd graders and I think they really enjoyed it. They can work at their own's relaxing...and fun. Great for easing test tension!

Clay Animal Masks with 3rd Grade