Monday, January 20, 2014

Matisse Interiors with Kindergarten


Here is a break down of day one. I teach this lesson to Kindergarten and the results are always fabulous. I’ll post photos of their work soon.

Below are photos, borrowed from the internet, that show some Matisse interiors. We look at these and discuss various aspects of his paintings before beginning ours.


I am going to try to have the kids start with black paint and no pencil this year…we shall embrace the ‘beautiful oops’ that I’m sure we will encounter. Even as kindergarteners, they are so obsessed with making ‘perfect’ lines. I’m trying to break them early of that bad habit. Save all that mess for high school art teachers. Besides, Matisse was a fauvist, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.



Here’s the first day of our Matisse Interior Space project.

We used black tempera paint to paint our lines and we just went for it today….no pencils!


Day Two: Fishbowl and Goldfish

Next art class we drew a cylinder for a fishbowl and used watercolors to paint our water! Intentionally, the fish are outside the fishbowl…I like to get the extra skill of cutting something small into this lesson. However, you could easily just draw the fish inside with the oil pastels.




Day Three: Cutting out fishbowl, cutting out goldfish and collaging a table into the room, then putting it all together!