Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nashville Beautification Poster Winners

Here are our two posters that are on Red River Waste Collection Trucks for the Nashville Beautification Art Project. We participate in this contest annually and usually get 2 students’ artwork on the trucks.
Here’s our 3rd and 4th grade winning posters. Congrats to Isabel and James!
The truck will visit our school in April 2014!

Mayflower Art Projects

1st grade created these Mayflower-inspired collages. I love this project and the kids do too!
We discuss the history of the Mayflower and then create this one-day project.

4th Grade also created a Mayflower project….
Here are their drawings of “The Mayflower in a Bottle” …

1st Grade Turkey Paintings

We used oil pastels and liquid watercolors…this is a yearly fav for my Kindergarteners and 1st graders. It’s easy and beautiful…and festive!
Trace a butter lid for the body, add all the parts of a turkey….outline with oil pastels adding lines, designs and patterns. Lastly, paint with liquid watercolors.

2nd Grade Collage Turkeys

Well, these are a little belated seeing as how it’s December and this was a Thanksgiving project…but maybe you can use this idea for next year?

One Day Project…
Trace a circle for the body…draw a “bowling pin” for the neck and head…collage all the parts. The legs are the most important…accordion fold!
I call these “Crazy, Creative Turkeys” ….