Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Robot Kindergarten

I love doing my Robot and Monster units with my kinder kids. They always love this and let's face it. Kindergarten drawings of robots are super cool. 

Day One: We look at an awesome book with lots of robots in it. Then I do a guided robot drawing with them. They do this with a pen on free draw it for later and when they get done with their collage they can color this. 

During this hour, we also create our basic Robot collage with gray paper. We glue down a head, body, arms/hands, legs/feet. Next class we will add buttons and designs using different color construction paper.
 I usually can't resist and get the googly eyes out. 

Pop Art Paintings

This is a first time project for me. I wanted my 3rd graders to get some Lichtenstein-ness in this year, hence this "word art" project. I also get to squeeze in some onomatopoeia with this lesson, which looks nice on paper.

Day One: Discuss Pop Art....and famous artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, Oldenburg, Thiebaud...
Practice drawing a word with block/bubble letters. Choose an onomatopoeic word to display with a shape reflecting that word's sound effect...
Paint lines in black tempera.

Day Two: We will paint with primary coming soon.

Sub Plans...Futuristic Cityscape

That's a bingo! I was pleasantly surprised by the results from all grade levels. I can't remember which is which but that's probably a good thing right? I left this plan for K-4 and made copies of a 'futuristic cityscape' to put out on the tables. I think that was the magic trick.