Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Picasso Portraits by 2nd Grade

Maybe I have great 2nd grade artists, maybe they are naturally talented, maybe they have been under my instruction for 3 years…I don’t know…but it’s a glorious whirlwind of talent with this group of kiddos.



Trash Trucks 2014


Each year, I’m proud to say, we participate in a poster contest to raise awareness for recycling, reducing and reusing. This is part of the Nashville Beautification Project in association with Red River Waste Collection trucks. I select two artists’ poster designs to submit for the contest. This year, James and Isabel’s art was chosen and they are honored to have their work seen by over 9,000 Nashvillians daily.

On Monday, we had the visit from the trucks and I request that the students wear green or blue shirts to support “going green”. This year’s theme was Earth Day Every Day…

We got some classic photos this year…



All this chaos happened during my 3rd grade hour, and with 30 minutes left of art class, I decided to have the kids create a group poster project promoting recycling, reducing or reusing. They worked really well together and made some neat posters.



I made them present their poster as a team for one minute.


Overall, a successful hour of Earth Day Every Day thoughts!