Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to School 2015-2016

This school year is going to be a little different for me since I've got a little baby boy on the way! Baby Scobey is due October 17th and I can't wait! Anyways, here's a tour of the art room....

Mrs. Scobey's ART ROOM TOUR!

Here's my "Colors!" Bulletin Board. In the past, I've had famous artist's works of art all numbered 1 through 9. I decided to change this up at the end of the year to colors. I use this a lot when lining up tables. Instead of just saying, "table number 1 line up", I say "Primay Color table line up.." 
I also get to reference this chart any time we are discussing or using color. It's been a really great resource. I might add the famous artists to my other bulletin board because I do miss being able to point at Starry Night whenever I need to. 

Colors Bulletin Board

Here's the carpet and my introduction area that I start class with. Every grade level comes in and sits cross-cross-applesauce on a circle to begin class. I even do this with the 4th graders. I learned long ago that it really helps to gather everyone together in this space and setting before jumping into class. It has made a tremendous difference! I also get to discuss the "Art Word of the Day" and go over the general goals for that class period. This is also where I read to the kids and where our rules are posted. At the beginning of the year, we always start class saying the rules together. 


Here's my "Be a Good Listener" anchor chart and my Art Room Rules poster. I reference the Good Listener chart a lot! It's a very helpful visual for all grade levels. 


So the beginning of the year is always me blabbing about the rules and what not. Here's my schedule for day one. I always include a "tour of the room" because the kids get a case of the wiggles and I hate for them to have to sit there for so long just listening to me. 

Here's the book I always read to my classes at the start of the year...
"Beautiful Oops!" by Barney Saltzberg

We talk about making a beautiful oops all year mistakes...just opportunities to make something beautiful. The kids really grasp this idea and then don't ask me for new paper and now they've learned not to ask for an eraser! (Well most of them...) 

Here's my Vincent van Gogh print by one of our parents...he's a collage artist named Wayne Brezinka and it's so awesome to have him come do artist visits to our school! We are so lucky!

Here's the strike board. My discipline plan is simple. Break a rule, strike 1, which is a warning and gets your name written in the ugly red box. (I just laminated a piece of paper and use dry erase markers.) 
Do something else you're not supposed to do, strike 2 which equals time out and for older kids a writing assignment. I usually have kids write the rules..but sometimes they have to do a more reflective writing assignment depending on the severity of the offense.  
Strike 3 means you're out of art. I don't send kids to the office unless it's really bad...but strike 3 equals time out for the rest of class and I send a note home. 

Here's the time out desk and my "time out activity" for really severe behaviors. 


The Be SmART chart! This is where I post each grade level's upcoming or current art project. It's also my "word wall" so it's works out great. 

Checklist for your artwork poster and the grading scale. I love referring to the checklist with "early finishers"....I can't stand the words "I'm done." They're like nails on a chalkboard. You're never DONE!

**Special shout out to Mrs.C of Rainbow Skies and Dragonflies Blog...I totally stole this grading scale from her blog years ago! Click here to see her way better version. 


My Art Folder was created for students with special needs. I've really only used this with one student but it's always there if I need it or if a para-professional needs it. 


The cards can be flipped over to complete the task. 

Here's my line-up line. Tape on the floor is VERY helpful. I have a designated spot for the line leader, door holder and the art star! I always choose one person at the end of every class who has had an amazing day in art of listening and following directions who is the "art star". They get a special little ticket and a 'pride paw' which is a part of our school wide behavioral plan. The art star gets to line up first and also gets a round of applause from their peers. 


 Here's the "Paint Station"...where I keep the water cups and all the painting supplies. I don't usually let the kids use the sinks...cause then the floors are completely covered in water. 


Here's the "Drawing Station" where we keep the crayons, pens and free draw paper. The kids are usually really great about following the rules of free draw...but there's always the one who folds their paper and I have to make a big speech. Once they fold it, it becomes a toy and then we have problems, so I implemented the "no folding rule" years ago. Sometimes I set out stencils and drawing books depending on behavior. The students are allowed to get a piece of free draw paper only when they have completed ALL of their project requirements for that day. 


The Pencil Station: I am in charge of sharpening the pencils because I got tired of replacing broken pencil sharpeners! So I have a "sharp" cup and a "not sharp" cup. The students can trade their pencil out when they need to without asking me....I try to get them to be as independent as possible. 


Here's the poorly lit drying racks and my "no name no fame" poster to remind them to write their name. I usually place the art on the drying rack for them, but I started letting 3rd and 4th graders do this on their own. Less work for me! And you can see how I store art shirts...usually they are all balled up on this quilt rack, but at the beginning of the year they look nice! 


 The Goal Wall / aka Data Wall
We are required in my district to have a "data wall" in our here's my solution to that. 


The Marker Monsters!
If a marker is completely dry, the students can "feed the marker monster". The monster on top eats the markers and the one on the bottom eats the lids. I made the black one and a former student made the "lid monster"...I added eyes and a mouth, but I thought that was really sweet of them!


Here's where I store Idea box for each class grades 1-4. Kindergarten doesn't use idea books yet. We use our idea book to sketch and write about the projects we make. This year we will be using them to create "thinking maps"....

A little poster about glue procedures....and my demo table rules. I didn't photograph the demo table, but it's just a round table with tape on the floor encircling it. I use it ALL THE TIME. 
It's so very handy. 

And here you can see my messy teacher desk and the other bulletin board. I used to refer to this board for "ways to be the art star" but now it's a little obsolete so I'm thinking about putting my famous artists back up in this area. 


And that's the tour! Thanks for checking out the art room and I hope you found something you can use in your space. Happy School Year!