Monday, April 18, 2011

New Bulletin Board! Fishy Thoughts....

Well, I've been wanting to put up a new bulletin board and I randomly had the idea to do an ocean honor of summertime and my upcoming honeymoon! So, my wonderful fiance Daniel brought me lunch and we put up this 'Art Smarts' board....hopefully it will inspire kids to 'do the right thing' and also remember the art room rules!


Got Paint??

So, two of my classes painted today with tempera paint and I absolutely could not throw it out at the end of the day. I have such a hard time wasting art supplies...I'm sure we all feel the same way. Anyway, I was looking at all those palettes wondering what in the world I could do, besides scrape it out for reuse.

Then I remembered good ol' Eric Carle and his beautiful collages. I have always wanted to do an Eric Carle project, but never have...weird, I know. So, I grabbed a stack of white drawing paper and just started to fill the page with the leftover paint. Now, I have 10+ sheets of "Eric Carle" paper for collage projects! (or Henri Matisse for that matter!)

Just an idea....