Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pop Art Videos

Safe to show at school videos about several different pop artists.

Roy Lichtenstein Video
Clean 5 minute video about Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein from CBS Sunday Morning.....

Wayne Thiebaud Video

7 minute video about Wayne Thiebaud..mostly showing his dessert paintings...but includes some of his landscapes.


Video about Andy Warhol....

5 minutes long

Landscape Introduction

1st Grade is learning about Landscapes right now. I tried this project last year and loved it. The kids get really excited about it too because it involves creating a Tree House! 

Day One: We write about the word "Landscape" in our Idea Books. We look at several landscape paintings and identify the Foreground, Middleground and Background. This is when we use the "Magic Brush" to point out things on the projector screen. It makes it fun...if you don't have a "magic brush" decorate a piece of cardboard with sparkles and glitter after you cut it in the shape of a paint brush to talk about art now!

We do a practice sketch in our idea books first...but essentially we start with a horizon line near the top of our paper...leaving room for some middleground mountains or what have you. We draw large flowers/plants in the foreground down at the bottom...letting our grass get smaller as it goes back into 'space' towards the horizon line. And on the horizon line we create a middleground...mountains, clouds, rainbows...(yes rainbows...) and of course a CIRCULAR sun...not a corner sun. 

4 cups of very watered down tempera to keep this painting on the lighter side...
light green, dark green, purple and blue

i forgot to water this table's paint down and it actually looks pretty great...however when you don't water it down you loose all the oil pastel. 

I demonstrate how you can draw into the wet paint with oil pastels too...and if something gets covered up, next week we can go back with oil pastels on top of the paint and bring things 'back to life'...cause oil pastels are the greatest. 

Day Two: Building a Tree (coming soon)

Roberto the Insect Architect: A Scobey Classic

Here's a yearly project I do with 1st graders. It's simple to execute, but teaches them lots of new vocabulary words. It also builds a foundation for the rest of their "art career" with me....think of all the architecture we talk about as art I can always say...remember "Roberto the Insect Architect" ....and it all comes back.

Day One: We write about "Architects" in our Idea Books...(I think next year we shall be calling our idea books, "iBooks"...gotta love apple.)

We do 3 sketches of houses for bugs in our Idea Books. They will be choosing their favorite for their large blueprint drawing. After reading the story, writing in our books, sketching time and the demonstration, we usually get the pencil drawing done of the big house and that's all we have time for!

The key to this project is drawing a large bug first, then adding architectural details to the bug to transform it into a house.

Day Two :We outline our Bug House in blue permanent marker and then we paint with blue watercolors to create the "blueprint" effect. I have loosened some of the reigns and added greens and purples to the paints so they can paint grass and windows different colors.

Kindergarten One Day Painting

I have a really smart Kindergarten class this year. They are well-behaved and fabulous artists. So a couple of Fridays ago, they were all caught up on their art projects and I decided to do a "free paint" day. However, they still need some guidance with free paint due to the fact that most free paintings I see entail a rainbow and a badly painted name. Sorry, that may sound mean...but I was a painting major and I can't stand seeing a "painted name"'s the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. (Sorry van Gogh!)

Anyway! I decided to reference an artist we have already studied, Kandinsky. I showed  his concentric circles painting and demonstrated how to trace a lid to create at least 5 circles. 

I then demonstrated how to outline the circles with black paint and echo circles inside. 
(which was a cool little op art project in spirals everywhere on the paper looked awesome!) ....
I set out trays of tempera paint...a little watered down, which is my new favorite way to make their paintings better...water down the tempera...a lot! Who knew? 

We had cool colors + black....I briefly talked about "Cool Colors"...we will get into Color Families later in Kindergarten.

Aren't these so bold and awesome?!

Go Mini-Kandinsky's! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wayne Thiebaud Paintings

I was looking through  "Wayne Thiebaud : A Paintings Reprospective" and I found some great paintings. I think he's one of my new favorite painters. 

I love these "farmscapes"

Wayne Thiebaud in his studio


Friday, September 13, 2013

Mural Paintin'...

Onto the other side of our mural...
3rd graders painting

Me with some great 4th graders.

Teacher Helpers! 

We finally finished it. I happened to get knocked out by a sinus infection by the end of this project and I'm so glad I have such a great team of teachers who helped finish this! It was a long road...haha....but we finished the mural front and back. Hooray!

Title:  We're on a road to...."somewhere".... (that's for all you Talking Heads fans out there...)