Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monster Unit for Kindergarten

Each year I teach a monster unit plan to my Kindergarteners. It’s a great way to explore a lot of different media under the guise of fun monster projects.

Cityscape with Monster Collage

Read “Monster’s Don’t Eat Broccoli”

Oil pastel cityscape painted with tempera cakes…collage paper monster.



Wild Thing Painting ~ One-Day Lesson

Read “Where the Wild Things Are”

Oil pastel drawing, painted with tempera cakes…




Monster Sculpture (2-3 Day Project)

Watch BrainPopJr video on Sculpture:

Using paper tubes and cardboard scraps, build a monster on a base. Next paint with cool color tempera cakes.


Day Two: Add eyes, mouth, hair, yarn,  feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and paper for habitat.


I set up a hot glue gun station at one of my back counters…once the kids had at least 2 layers of paper/colors for their eyes then they could come visit me for feathers and googly eyes. They did a really good job following directions and having fun creating.