Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gumball Machines by 3rd Grade

Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud’s “Three Machines”  1963
I showed a BrainPop video on Pop Art that gives a nice description of Pop Art for kiddos. The video focuses on Warhol, mostly, but does show a glimpse of “Three Machines”.

Day One: Drawing and Painting the Machine
I used my Ladibug document camera to draw this step-by-step with the class. I passed out butter lids they could trace for the glass globe.
I let the kids use some glossy, red latex enamel for the machine…it will stain, but I gave several warnings and they did fine with keeping their clothes clean.
I demonstrated how to paint and add the shadow/highlights.

Day Two: Adding Gumballs
We stamped marker lids using black paint inside the glass globe. Then I passed out trays of primary colors and they used their color mixing skills to create secondary and intermediate colors.