Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Projects!

Well, as usual, I'm late posting photos...these aren't seasonal anymore, but hey you could always use these next year! I actually found the "elf" project from an art teacher on fb but can't seem to find the original posting so that I can give her credit! So, whoever you are, thanks for the awesome idea!

Exquisite Elves

I wanted to do something festive to decorate for Chrimbus, so luckily I stumbled upon this really neat project. I split up the project between 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. The 3rd graders reviewed portraits and created the head. The 1st graders created the presents...and the 2nd graders collaged the legs. This was a BIG hit with all the if you're looking for a not too hard, yet impressive project, here ya go! 
To display all the parts, I simply stapled them together at the "seams"....and they came apart just fine to send home to the kiddos. 

I think my favorite part was the 1st graders hands holding presents....their 3-D bows were amazing! 

2nd Grade:  Collage Elf Legs

This works well for a 60 minute class period, but you could go deeper into pattern/reading a story/shoe design and drag this out for two 60 minute classes. 

 I finally got smart about this and had the kids start this by gluing down strips of paper to a red 9x18 background paper. The first day I taught this, we cut out the legs first and then glued down stripes to that....which took FOR-EV-ER.
Then we folded that in half long-ways and cut out a leg shape....this actually makes 4 legs if you consider the I let them take their extra legs home....

We glued the "good" legs to a green background and created 'elf' shoes'. 

1st Grade Hands Holding Presents

Below you can see the break down of this project...quite simple and easy to accomplish in a 60 minute class period. 

Check out this beautiful bow created by a 1st grader! 

I love this. 

Mixed Media Gingerbread Houses

Let me preface this by saying, last week of school before Christmas means you're most likely not getting much "high quality" teacherin' for me personally, a free-for-all Gingerbread House Project using paint, collage, and sequins is the perfect way to sit back and let the kids play....they're still learnin'! 

I used this project with 1st - 4th grade....I did still attempt to maintain some dignity with the Kindergarteners and we continued on a big project for the art show...but the other classes were long gone before they ever walked in my classroom. EVERYONE wants to make a gingerbread house. Just say the word....CANDY and everyone listens.  You're welcome. 
We started by creating a mixed media background using oil pastels and paint....only this time around we didn't use brushes. I set out five cups of tempera paint: Red, White, Green, Purple and Pink. They used Q-tips to draw/create dots. I emphasized the "playful" quality of this project. I encouraged the kids to explore the materials and see what happens. 

Next, we started creating the house out of brown(gingerbread) paper. It's all in the delivery folks. I demonstrated this step so I could show them some "tricks". The Art Challenge was to draw a 3-D house....and another challenge was making a door that opens.

Finally, once the house was decorated with oil pastels and glued down, they could add paint to it. The q-tips were great for "candy dots". 

I usually hold onto the kids' art for various reasons, but for this one, they got to take them home....great way to keep the kids entertained for an hour!