Monday, March 4, 2013

Eric Carle Animals

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Eric CarleThe Art of Eric Carle

Easy Printmaking Video


Foam Plate with Paint --------

Great lesson from Panther's Palette on Printmaking: Gustav Klimt-inpsired trees

Below are some photos of Klimt's Paintings borrowed from various websites.

Adele Bloch-Bauer's Portrait. by Gustav Klimt

Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer, c. 1912. Oil on canvas
Tree of Life
These photos of Klimt's work are borrowed from the internet.

2013 Student Art Show!

All the hard work, late nights and organizing paid off!
The art show was a success and we had a great turn out this year!
 I couldn't have done it with out my dilligent helper, Ms.Kennedy.
And thanks to everyone else who stopped by and helped afterschool.
 You are greatly appreciated!
 Thank you!

Here is a sampling of the work from the show...
1st Grade Clay-liens

 Each student designed a clay-alien from a pinch pot. They also created a patch of land from the alien's habitat.

1st Grade 2-D Works

(There are 4 more of these..I let the 1st graders look through their portfolio and choose their best piece and this is by far my favorite way to display class work...2 pieces of butcher paper glued together held up by 2 large clips on command hooks!)
Kindergarten 2-D Works
(small sampling)


Kindergarten Monster Sculptures

(5 tables of these)
The Pre-K Teachers participated again this year by doing an art project in their classrooms for the art show
 (since I do not teach Pre-K)
Mrs.Birdwell's Class

Ms.Riley's Class
2nd Grade Weavings and Navajo Rug Collages

3rd Grade CD Weavings

3rd Grade African Masks

These were in the art room with a slide show of photos from the year of the kids making art.

4th Grade Found Object Sculpture Boxes
(inspired by Louise Nevelson, of course)
Mrs.Sizemore's Class

These were a big hit. They got lots of attention!
4th Grade 2-D Works Sampling...
Thank you refreshment table helpers!
We had some really yummy treats this year!