Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jim Dine

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Yarn Weavings

I do this weaving project each year with the 2nd graders. It is the building block for the CD weavings when they are in 3rd grade…and then finally leading up to stitching their initials on burlap once they are in 4th.


We use large metal embroidery needles. If a student is really struggling with the needle, I just let them use their fingers. The needle comes in handy on those longer looms with more wefts strings.

More photos coming soon…


First grade just finished their Space Shuttle paintings and now we are pretending that we flew in our rocket ships to a distant planet where we discovered alien life forms…hence, our Clay-lien project!


Day One: We learned how to create a “pinch pot” and sealed them in ziploc baggies to keep them moist for next art class.



These awesome little art stars decided to draw how to make a pinch pot on their free draw paper. Super cute.


Day Two: Adding Clay-lien Details and Features…

I have toothbrushes in water cups that we use for scoring and slipping. The kids learned this technique very well this year. I don’t think we’ll lose any pieces…and the kicker this year was the “hair”. I found a garlic press at a thrift store and it’s been a big hit!