Sunday, January 19, 2014

4th Grade One-Point Perspective Cityscapes


Day One: Discuss one-point perspective and do a practice drawing in idea books.

Day Two: Draw large, one-point perspective drawing on 9 x 12 paper in pencil.

Day Three: Add color using oil pastels and baby oil….more photos coming soon!


1st Grade Space Shuttles


Day One: Discuss Rocket Ships and Space Shuttles, watch a NASA launch and draw the rocket ship together…using the Ladibug document camera, teacher directed drawing.

Day Two: Outline rocket with black oil pastel. Paint rocket ship with tertiary colors, pre-mixed.


Day Three: Coming soon!

Owls by Kindergarten

Day One: Read about owls, and draw large owl, outline in black.

Day Two: Paint owls.


Day Three: Adding shaded background and stars