Saturday, February 11, 2012

African Masks ....Groundhog's Day

Well, due to Christmas break I still had one class who needed to spray their African masks with clear gloss and since our winter has been so nice we went outside, of course, to spray them. It just happened to be Groundhogs's Day and the kids were noticing their shadows, so we took some fun shadow pics.

Jim Dine Pop Art Hearts!

Well, I've been sick all week but I have managed to squeeze out a inspired project about Jim Dine the pop artist. I've been doing this with Kinders and 1st grade and I am so impressed at their abstract expressionism! I wish I had more projects that allowed for this kind of freedom within the bounds of the project.

Step One: Trace a heart with a pencil on white drawing paper. I cut the paper to 12"x12" squares. And I precut about 20 hearts of different sizes and spread them out on their tables.

If they don't get the heart perfect, no worries. It looks more hand-drawn that way which is always better.

Step Two:  Outline your heart or hearts and start adding your own designs, colors or patterns. Be creative! I also showed several images of Jim Dine's heart before beginning the project for inspiration.

We used oil pastels because they are painting with liquid watercolors.

They could color in as much as they wanted....leaving a little white paper peeking through is good for the next step though.

Step Three: Paint all the white space left with liquid watercolors.