Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nashville Beautification Contest

Art Truck Posters!

This year's theme:
Make Nashville Glitter - Pick up the Litter!

4th Grade Winner
Hailey G.

3rd Grade Winner
Roselin H.

There were so many awesome posters this year!
Here's some more great posters from 3rd and 4th grade...

It's Pumpkin Time!

1st Grade Pumpkin Heads
Okay, so I usually stay away from holiday-themed art projects, BUT Halloween is my favorite holiday so what's the harm in painting some pumpkins?

Our wonderful librarian let me borrow her book "It's Pumpkin Time!" by Zoe Hall...great book! Short and sweet...and the illustrations are great.

We've been squeezing some color theory in with this project: warm colors, blending, tints, color mixing....

Option 1: Painting with warm colors

Option 2: Add color with oil pastels

Cut out pumpkin

Collage face: white and black construction paper
I've been doing two versions of this with paint: yellow, red and orange tempera / the other with oil pastels: yellow, orange and white---> This version works best if you only have one class period.

Oh and I am borrowing this lesson from it's such an amazing resource!

After 3rd grade saw 1st grade leaving with their awesome pumpkins, they wanted to make one too....of course I caved because it's almost Halloween!