Sunday, April 26, 2015

1st Grade Clay-liens!

This year I got smart about clay and narrowed it down to "clay week", which naturally turned into clay month factoring in 2 days of hand-building then one day of glazing...and still have yet to hit 4th grade's clay project...eek. Anyways, the clay aliens...or clay-liens as I have so dubbed them always are a bit hit. The kids love clay, obviously, but they really get to be "free" when creating these creatures. Here you can see them after the glazing process...and honestly I'm a little disappointed with the glazes this year. They turned out super light...oh well. They're still awesome. 

This was our little clay-lien miracle/beautiful oops...a clay-lien somehow attached itself to a 2nd grader's coil pot and fused together in the kiln. Together they look like A.the clay-lien threw up into the coil pot or B. the clay-lien has a hilariously huge underbite. I couldn't let either kid take this so it will live with me. 

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