Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cezanne Inspired Still-Life with Apples

We look at several still lifes by Cezanne and Matisse for this 1st grade project. Day one is drawing the plate (I let some trace large butter lids...) and we draw at least 4 apples from a "bird's eye view"...

I put out trays of warm colors in tempera and they paint their apples after outlining with black sharpie or black oil pastel.

Day two we paint the plate and the table with contrasting cool colors. I used watercolors this year...and I demonstrated how to add shadows. I love how younger kids almost grasp the idea of a shadow but they inevitably make it wayyyyy to dark and it takes over whatever they so carefully painted earlier that week. Oh shadows....ruining paintings for years now. :)

I love these though.

Technology Inclusion: I use the ladibug (document camera) to project a still-life from my desk onto the screen. This really helps them all see the same viewpoint and they can observe realistic colors in the apples while they're painting.



Here's my watercolor drawer. I use Prang watercolors...with a couple of Crayola refills mixed in there. Each student gets their own tray and returns it when they are finished. On this particular day, with one of my worst classes, I walked by this drawer towards the end of class after everyone had cleaned up and noticed the watercolors were all perfectly returned and all in very neat rows. I applauded them for being so considerate with the art supplies and was genuinely proud of my little monsters!


Love some of these creative backgrounds/tablecloths by FIRST GRADERS!


Here's some of the Cezanne and Matisse paintings we describe, analyze, compare/contrast at the beginning of this lesson.

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