Sunday, May 11, 2014

Coil Pots with 2nd Grade


Tried this new technique this year with putting a glass bead in the bottom of the coil pots before firing on Cone 04. We did a Crystal Clear glaze with the blue beads and they turned out beautifully! (Just in time for Mother’s Day too!)


We used one class period to build the coil pot and the next class we glazed.

IMG_4212 - CopyIMG_4213IMG_4214IMG_4215 - CopyIMG_4216IMG_4217IMG_4218 - CopyIMG_4219IMG_4220IMG_4221 - CopyIMG_4222 - Copy

Kiln before and after…..

IMG_4386 - CopyIMG_4429 - Copy

Loving these melted glass pools…

IMG_4537IMG_4538IMG_4539IMG_4526 - Copy


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