Saturday, April 26, 2014

Seuss-like Fish with Kindergarten


This is a good “Read Me Week” project…we read “One Fish Two Fish….” by Dr.Seuss. There is a great BrainPopJR video on Seuss that I show the kids before we read the story and talk about the project. It’s a great intro.

This could easily be a one-day lesson…but I stretched it into two days. Next year, I will have them draw and paint on 9x12 paper instead of 12x18. I actually cut up an old stack of poster board that’s been sitting in the closet forever. I’m really trying to use what I have this year. My storage closet is overflowing!


We draw with oil pastels a Seuss-like fish…then paint with primary colors. They can mix the colors on their paper if they want to.


I finally found an awesome way to store paint! Big ziploc bags! Duh!



Here’s a day two option…I have them create a striped background with paper strips on black paper. Then we cut out the fish from last week and glue them to the background. Another option that I tried last year, was a huge Seuss fish underwater mural collage that we displayed in the hallway. Everybody cuts their fish out and glues it to the big mural.


I kinda like these with no fish on them.

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