Saturday, January 26, 2013

Matisse Rooms with Fishbowls - Kindergarten

I love this project and forgot to do it last year! We started this when we got back from xmas break and it's a 3 day project that is really fun!
Day One: Drawing a Room
 Discuss interior vs. exterior spaces. Talk about artist Henri Matisse. What is a room? I teach them how to draw a simple room with "lines". The wooden floor is optional (that's my art challenge step) and this year I added texture rubbings for a little extra detail in the wallpaper and floor.
We also painted over our pencil lines with black paint on day one. We also learn how to say hello and goodbye in honor of Matisse.

Day Two: Creating the fishbowl.
I realize that Matisse's fishbowl was cylindrical, but this fishbowl is fun and easy for Kinders and also gets them a "large" fishbowl.
We trace a butter lid on an 8"x8" square of white paper...then we outline in black sharpie (draw seaweed) and then paint with cool color watercolors.
I also read the story "Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet"...which was really cute!

Day Three: Assembling the Room (making goldfish)

First, I handed back their rooms so they could finish coloring with crayons...didn't get the texture rubbings out this day....

Then, we gathered at the demo table and I showed them how to cut out their fishbowl, build a table and make fish. (I split these steps up throughout the class though...didn't try to do it all at once.)

I just love the "BOLDNESS" of these paintings! (thanks Matisse)
I also like the wallpaper that got painted solid black...I may have to use that idea for next year. :)

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