Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Teacher Day! Watkins Workshop

Always the highlight of my week....getting to go to art teacher workshops! This one was at Watkins College of Art and Design and it was so great. Such a fun day...filled with great ideas that I can't wait to use in the art room.

The first session was about journaling...and we created our own 'journal/sketchbook' from an encyclopedia. This is more of an upper level project, however, I can down size this and simplify it for my kiddos and I think we can definitely make some books this year.

Here's the beginning of the journal making project...deconstructing the encyclopedia

Creating a new sewing signature along the spine....

And for the second half of the day, we did a session on Site Specific Installation. We split into groups and created either an installation dealing with the formal elements and principles of design or we could fill a void.....
Our group chose rhythm and movement...repetition...we had a limited amount of time and would have loved to go all the way to the center with this....but we were super happy with our collaboration!
And this has inspired a definite future obsession with post its for art projects!

Celebrating our joyous piece....

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