Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kindergarten One Day Painting

I have a really smart Kindergarten class this year. They are well-behaved and fabulous artists. So a couple of Fridays ago, they were all caught up on their art projects and I decided to do a "free paint" day. However, they still need some guidance with free paint due to the fact that most free paintings I see entail a rainbow and a badly painted name. Sorry, that may sound mean...but I was a painting major and I can't stand seeing a "painted name"'s the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. (Sorry van Gogh!)

Anyway! I decided to reference an artist we have already studied, Kandinsky. I showed  his concentric circles painting and demonstrated how to trace a lid to create at least 5 circles. 

I then demonstrated how to outline the circles with black paint and echo circles inside. 
(which was a cool little op art project in spirals everywhere on the paper looked awesome!) ....
I set out trays of tempera paint...a little watered down, which is my new favorite way to make their paintings better...water down the tempera...a lot! Who knew? 

We had cool colors + black....I briefly talked about "Cool Colors"...we will get into Color Families later in Kindergarten.

Aren't these so bold and awesome?!

Go Mini-Kandinsky's! 

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