Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monet's 3D Waterlilies

I saw this on Pinterest and loved it! I don't know whom to give credit to.

Here's the photo from Pinterest...


We briefly discussed Monet and wrote his name in our Idea Books. I showed them some paintings of water lilies and we did a water lily sketch. Next we glued down strips of blue paper. I cut a bunch of different blues...

The trick to good waves is 3 dots of glue. One dot on each end of the strip, glue it down like a bridge and then one dot in the middle. 

Here's my teacher sample....can't wait to do the water lilies next class! 

Frog to reference


Monet Printables

Link to Claude Monet document below: 

Free Flowers Coloring Page of a Water Lily

I had my 3rd graders make Mother's Day cards awhile back and I showed them how to make the waterlilies and they turned out really well! 
This was the lily pad that we decided would be a good card as is....they wrote a special message on the back. 

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    Helen South
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