Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kindergarten Book Pages

This is our end of the year project that is super fun and there's never any wondering what to teach to Kindergarten at the end of the year! This also serves as a cumulative review for the year. 

Page 1. 
"This is me at school"

Full body self-portrait with markers and crayons. 

Page 2. 
Warm and Cool Watercolor Cats
I printed out these pages and we drew the cats using the Ladibug. They outlined in black permanent marker. I have two separate watercolor trays. We start with the first tray which has 3 warm colors. Then we gather round the demo table and I give out the cool color set with 3 cool colors. They have to return the warm before they get the cools and that helps with some of the confusion.

Page 3.
Mondrian Collages with Primary Colors

We 'play' with composition first, then glue down our Mondrian inspired collages. 

I pre-cut a bunch of primary color shapes. 

After they glue their shapes down, we add black lines. 

Page 4.
Secondary Color Hungry Caterpillar

Page 4: Medieval Architecture

Watercolor Castles!

Page 5: All About the Artist

This is another self-portrait drawing with some info about the artist. This is the page we work on while I come around the room and staple their books together. 

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