Thursday, April 25, 2013

Place in Your Face: Symbolic Self-Portrait

This is a 3rd or 4th grade project...the kids love it.

Day One: Collect magazine images and I trace their silhouette.
Day Two: Tear, cut and collage magazine images into silhouette.
Day Three: Cut head out and glue to a 9x18 colorful background. Also, on day 3 I encourage them to add words to their collage...their name or important words or phrases.

We use matte or glossy mod podge with large flat brushes. 

Did I mention this is a messy project? 

I love how bizarre this one is. 

More photos from other classes...

They take two days to completely collage the head. On the second day if someone works quickly, I have them find the letters of their name and also collage 3 words to describe themselves and/or a phrase about them.
 Example: I am an artist. 

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