Thursday, April 25, 2013

Monograms with 4th Grade

I usually love this project. Some classes are making it really great...and others well...lets just say it's the end of the year. 

We spend the first day of this project designing our initials. The next day, we transfer the design to the burlap and learn how to thread an embroidery needle and tie double knots. (A single knot usually pulls through the burlap...)

Day Three: Start straight stitching. I get them to do a pattern similar to weaving...they count over 3 squares on the burlap and they stitch under one 'line' of the burlap. It makes their stitches look consistent and it's easier then stitching up and down. 
The goal is to get all letters outlined first, then they can start experimenting with different stitches. I teach them satin stitch, french knots and cross stitch once they all get the hang of straight stitch. 

Usually the kids pick it up quick and enjoy working on these. It is a good thing to work on during TCAP...keeps them pretty calm. 

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