Saturday, April 6, 2013

Picasso Heads with 1st Grade!

I ran out of time for this project last year with my 1st graders so I decided to revive it for this year! We talked about Picasso and watched the Brain Pop Jr. video on him :
We wrote a few important facts down in our idea books and sketched a "Picasso-y" head to warm up for this project.
We did incised plate printmaking before spring break and this time around we talked about found object printing.
I set out trays of random objects...I cut up some cereal boxes for "lines" and basically used things like legos, q-tips, broken toy parts, bottle caps....marker lids....etc.

They had a tray of black paint to dip in and they loved this.

You can see the light pencil drawing of a head and shoulders just to give them a guideline to go by.
We will paint these with tempera next class.

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