Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kandinsky Concentric Circles

 I have been doing this lovely project with 3rd grade since I've been teaching. I love these paintings. And the objectives keep changing too, so that's fun for me so I don't get bored with this..but how could I? ....haha....anyways...

Day One: Kandinsky Intro -- Compare/Contrast his paintings and write about him in Idea Books. Talk about ABSTRACT ART ....non-objective art more specifically.

I pre-cut white drawing paper to 12" x 12" ...I like this square setting for their compositions.
Trace at least 5 circles (we used cups) ....circles can overlap, hang off the page....whatever, have fun with it. (But no mickey mouse heads....purely non-objective.)

Paint background showing value changes.
I used cool colors only this year so they could pick blue, green, purple (or black!)
I let them choose either white or black to mix with their cool color to create either a tint or a shade.
This created some fun lingo in the art room..."I want blue with a shade....or I'll take purple with a tint." 

I did let one class (my well-behaved class...) do two different colors and they look really great...

Day Two: Draw rings of concentric circles inside big circles. Paint each ring a different (contrasting) color. I set out palettes of warms colors to create extra contrast with their cool color backgrounds. I am loving the results!

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  1. It's simple and colorful and I'm loving it. And kids too. I done it with my preschoolers last winter. We made a really big tree with Kandinsky circles. It looks great!