Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tie-Dye Fall Leaves

I tried this project right before fall break with K, 1 and 2 cause I needed a one-day 'fally' project and these are just beautiful!
We used coffee filters, drew a large leaf in pencil, then outlined in color sharpie adding designs and patterns for veins.
I cut out several large leaf templates for them to trace out of thin cardboard...originally I cut them for the kindergarteners but the other grades ended up using them..which was fine...because it got them to draw the leaves big enough. :)

We discussed realistic vs. abstract designs...and don't forget to write your name inside the leaf with sharpie.
Cut the leaf out after the sharpie outlining is done...

The 1st graders did a quick 'observational sketch' in their idea books to add some meat to this lesson.

After the outlining is complete, we colored with washable markers using fall colors.

Then wash with water! Make sure to get all of the coffee filter wet for the full effect.

This is the paper we used underneath to protect the tables...and they are soooo neat. I called them "bonus art"!

After they dried, I strung them on a long piece of yarn and hung them out in the hallways like a pretty for fall decor!

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