Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kinder Robot Collages

Well, these happened a while back, but I have been so pre-occupied with the auction and life in general that they have yet to make an here they are!

Kindergarten Robot Collage (2 day project)

Day One: We talked about shape, parts of a robot, played with at least 2 different compositions before gluing down and only did the major parts: Head, neck, body, 2 arms and two legs...

Day Two: Adding the eyes (at least 3 layers of color-big, medium, small) and the rest of the features.

The quiet tables got 'googly eyes' for their robots!

I took a hole puncher around for extra 'buttons' and they could use the hole-punched paper for other decorations...

Kids who finished early could create a 'mini-me' robot companion!

I tried to set the objective for buttons/designs/patterns on each major part of the robot...clearly this person followed directions!

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