Saturday, April 7, 2012

4th Grade: Clay Castle / Slab Vessel

To wrap up our unit on Fantasy....dragons, castles....we created these Slab Vessels....or Clay Castles (they could choose)....they turned out great...and looked beautiful in the art show!

First we threw a pounding, just throwing....some of them got it right away and i had to straighten some slabs out....even them out...but for the most part, they did great on their own.
with our excess clay from trimming the bottom, we created a coil base

We trimmed the bottom and added textures with found objects....some people created crenels, the open shapes at the top of castles....yes i had to look that up for this project.

basically, they wrapped the slab/scored and slipped/and attached to coil base...

next art class we glazed and then i dipped them in crystal glaze and fired them...they turned out great!

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