Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go Green to Keep Nashville Clean!

Once again, we are doing the Go Green to Keep Nashville Clean contest! We have two fabulous winners from Mt.View and I'm really happy with everyone's effort. The wall of posters looks great in our hallway and it's always encouraging to spread the word about Going Green to the future of America....:o)

4th Grade Winner

3rd Grade Winner

Wall of Go Green Posters!


  1. Thanks! They really got into it!

  2. How do you present this? I too sent work in for this, but I'm curious how you are getting the quality, and the attention to detail. These are fantastic.

  3. To Mrs. Fritz: (sorry for the delay!)

    I told them about the annual "Go Green" contest and said that they were competing against each MNPS school. Then I showed a ppt of lesson objectives, rules for the contest, and I showed the winners from last year. We actually compared each drawing to see which one was "neater". I tried to drive that home...neatness and creativity!

    (One of the objectives is to leave no white space with the exeption of clouds.)

    Then they outlined with black Sharpies.