Saturday, May 16, 2015

Recycled Paper Garden Mural/ Mother's Day Cards

Fun Friday Project/Mother's Day Creations

I wanted a big art project to hang out in the hallway since it's that time to give the kids all their art. I hate when the hallways are I made this big "garden" with paper and showed the kids how to make big flowers. I did this lesson with K-3 and it turned out great!

I referenced my "Be smART" chart...2nd grade just finished making paper we could get ideas from these samples. 

Here's our scrap doesn't normally look like this...we had been 'digging' for colors. 

Some kids chose to create a pop up Mother's Day Card before making a flower for the garden.

Our finished garden!


  1. What a sweet mural! It is very bittersweet at the end of the school year to take all the art down.....what a nice way to keep the hallways colorful!

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