Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sub Lesson: Tracing Shapes and Drawing Patterns

This is my number one sub lesson that I can leave in the "sub tub" for my emergency lesson or for my "I'm feeling lazy lesson". 

The directions are simple: Pick an object from the bucket and trace it at least 5 times on your paper. 
 (I have some simple plastic shapes: circles, triangles, squares... and I also have a bucket of more complex shapes like cookie cutters, cd's, and other random objects for the older kids.)

Once the student traces their object, they draw different patterns and designs in each shape with a pencil. Once they have filled the shapes, they color with crayons. 

Then, they design the background...or incorporate it into the design early on. 

This usually lasts the whole 60 minute class period, but I always leave some "extra time" activities just in case. 

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