Sunday, March 16, 2014

St.Patrick’s Day 2014

Well, we weren’t supposed to have class Monday, but alas the snow day that tipped the chart is making us teach on St.Patty’s Day…thankfully, for art teachers, it’s a holiday.

I actually love St.Patrick’s Day but haven’t ever really done a real lesson on the history of the holiday. So, we are going to create Leprechaun Portraits and watch this really helpful BrainPopvideo:

I love this website…so many amazing videos for art concepts, famous artists AND tons of great any other subject videos. It’s great for culture, math integration, science, reading…you name it, there’s probably an awesome brain pop video for it.

{ Okay, there’s my Brain Pop plug…now send me some money! …or a lifetime subscription…whatever’s easier. }

Leprechaun Portraits ----Kindergarten through 4th Grade

I used the Ladibug document camera to walk my kids through a guided drawing of a leprechaun’s portrait. Then they outlined with oil pastels: green, peach, orange, lime green and gold.

Next, I demonstrated how to paint the leprechaun…I watered down my tempera paints a little bit to make them smoother. I love the way these turned out!


2nd Grade Finished Leprechaun Portraits



So here’s some stock photos I found of a leprechaun. It’s amazing how hard it was to find a good example of a leprechaun. And that partly became the inspiration for why I wanted to teach this project…get some good images of leprechauns floating out there in the webiverse!




Nathan Ripperger creates wonderful graphic poster art of the crazy and hilarious things he (and his wife) have had to say to their four boys over the years...


Here are some elementary art project ideas:

Collage/Paper Projects


Art Teacher Dress Up



Printed Rainbow…Painting Project


Cardboard Tube Ideas:


Here’s some printable activities:



I’ll post photos of our project soon!


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