Sunday, December 7, 2014

Monochromatic Moonscape Paintings by 4th Grade

Well, I wanted to do this project earlier in the year and boy let me tell you I'm so glad I did because I got observed during my introduction to this project. This painting encompasses soooo many different disciplines...the lesson plan looks great on paper to principals!

Day One: Intro

We write in our idea book the term Monochromatic Moonscape...then we break it down...
they create a value scale with their thumbprint and a marker. Then we watch a Brain Pop video on the phases of the moon....SCIENCE! 

Then they draw the moon on their 9 x 18 white drawing paper. We create echo rings around the moon and paint a different value inside with blue, red or purple mixed with white. 
They mix their tints to get light around the moon. 

Day Two: We talk about the history of silhouettes and practice drawing trees. Their requirement is to paint at least one tree and another object of their choice with solid black. I encourage a tree with no leaves so they will get into some nice line work with the branches.

I love how a little bit of blue snuck into these purple paintings. 


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